"Coldest" MIG-AC process and excellent
                                 gap bridging thanks to Virtual Machine

Hand and robot controlled arc welding with virtual machine

Like the spot welding machines, the ELMA-Tech arc systems also benefit from the qualities of the welding process control Virtual Machine (VM):

  • The characteristic of the current source (current or voltage source) can be freely selected depending on the process state and changed with a frequency of 20 kHz. This is made possible by an advanced design of the power source, which has no conventional resistors, but only simulates these corresponding to the shape of the current and voltage characteristics.
  • While conventional power sources usually have fixed values for their internal electrical resistances and inductances, the ELMA-Tech power source can assume any desired values. Thus, the process can be performed optimally at any time, whereas there is only one real optimal operating point with the conventional technology.
  • The VM recalculates the state of the welding process every 50 μs from the available process parameters and sets the current source characteristic to optimum parameters for this process state. The control speed is extraordinarily high at 20 kHz. Thus, even fast-running processes (Plasma, TIG, MIG-MAG, Submerged arc welding) can be controlled in a targeted manner. The individual defined process states are stored in the form of databases and the values to be set for the current source are linearly interpolated.
  • Due to the lack of internal electrical resistances the efficiency is at 95%, while conventional power sources are significantly lower. This also means a significantly lower power consumption.

Lowest heat input in aluminum arc welding

In a study of the Chemnitz University of Technology in 2015, various competitor processes were compared with ELMA-Tech AC pulsed welding. Here, the ELMA-Tech AC pulse welding proved to be the process with the lowest energy input into the lightweight materials.

ac puls EN

(The diagram shows the ELMA-Tech MIG-AC process on the far left. Abstract: Chemnitz University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Machine Tools and Production Process, Chair of Forming and Joining: „Comparison of MSG standard with AC pulse welding for lightweight materials“, Author: Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Brumm, 19.06.2015.)

The scientific investigation comes to the following results:

  • "With AC-pulse welding, a stable welding process with few splatters is possible when joining aluminum."
  • "Heat input during welding with AC pulse lower than with CMT."
  • "Therefore suitable for welding thin aluminum sheets (<1 mm)"

DC pulse welding with Virtual Machine

Of course, the outstanding welding quality is also a feature of the ELMA-Tech pulse current (DC) systems, which ensure maximum gap bridging with the lowest possible energy consumption with reduced penetration depths and higher deposition rates.

For more information, visit our central website at www.elmatech-gmbh.de. AC pulse welding is performed, for example, by the AC welding machine MIDI MIG 300/800.


Arc AC machines

The "coldest" AC pulse welding in the market for thermosensitive materials and aluminum in particularly low material thicknesses!

Best gap bridging!

Best seam qualities!

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