The most efficient process control for
                                      welding and arc wire spraying

Legal notice Virtual Machine

The process control Virtual Machine is based on in the patent DE 32 00 086 C3 (05.01.1982, Puschner P.) exposed and still valid technology for synthesizing static and dynamic behavior of electronic generators for welding applications and realizes the technical teaching described therein in a unique way.

With the advancing development of microprocessor technology, the Virtual Machine, already created in the structure in 1992 under the working title „Konzept 2000“, could be implemented for the first time in 1997 with a cycle frequency of 2 kHz - and only a few years later with 20 kHz.

The process control Virtual Machine and the process programs running in it are subject to copyright worldwide with the resulting legal protection. The only licensor is ELMA-IVG mbH in Aachen, Germany.

Currently, the Virtual Machine in its hardware, its basic program and the process programs required for the various processes, is developed and distributed worldwide exclusively by ELMA-Tech GmbH in Morsbach, Germany, and its cooperation partner Lachmann & Rink GmbH, Freudenberg, Germany.

VM structure and programs, all rights reserved, licensed by ELMA-IVG mbH, Aachen. © Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Puschner, 1997.

Virtual Machine

The leading process control for welding and arc wire spraying.

For maximum efficiency of your production!

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