The most efficient process control for
                                      welding and arc wire spraying

Decide on welding qualities and process properties in a whole new dimension

With the market launch of the process control ©Virtual Machine (abbreviated below also as VM) in 2008, ELMA-Tech GmbH has raised the process characteristics and welding qualities of its welding machines in resistance spot welding and arc welding to a completely new level of quality.

And in conjunction with the ELMA-Tech high-performance power sources, the ©Virtual Machine also ensures extremely fine and individually adjustable process control in the field of thermal coating (arc wire spraying and plasma spraying) with the very best coating results.

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The Donor Association for German Science once again honors the research activities of ELMA-Tech with the seal of quality "Innovative through Research".


Areas of application of process control ©Virtual Machine:

  • Manual and automated spot welding
    Benefits, etc.: Plug & Weld without previous parameter settings.

  • Manual and automated arc welding
    Advantages and others: Outstanding process properties and welding results in DC and AC pulse welding (AC welding), keyword: Cold MIG AC process.

  • Automated thermal coating
    Benefits include: arc wire spraying with pulsed direct current for evenly distributed porosity throughout the entire layer.

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VM3 - benefit from the 3rd generation now: even faster, even more precise!

Only in conjunction with ELMA-Tech welding and arc wire spraying systems!

Virtual Machine

The leading process control for welding and arc wire spraying.

For maximum efficiency of your production!

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